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One-to-one meetings with Almacube staff
With the entire community of University of Bologna
Up to 25.000 € in funding available

We work to transform an intuition and a competent team into a business. We invest time and resources to achieve a twofold objective: let businesses start and grow, and convey an entrepreneurial approach to those participating in our programs. The main program of the Startup Unit is Almacube Incubation Program: during a one-year process and with 125.000€ of funding available, we transform projects into active startups which can be accelerated and will be ready to enter the market.

Incubation Program

Almacube Incubation Program offers €25.000 as fundings and €100.000 as services. It is designed to transform business ideas into startups ready to participate into the best international acceleration programs.

Throughout the annual process, the selected teams are asked to apply the principles of the “Lean Startup Methodology”, in order to speed up their growth processes. The program includes three phases of education and selection: it ends with the Investor Time of Almacube, that takes place every year during the StartUp Day of the University of Bologna.


From May to October

30-50 projects

The Ignition Program is meant to provide a basic understanding of the startup world, through lectures held by italian and international experts of the field. The sessions take place twice a week and serve as a preparation for the next steps of the program.


From October to December

10-15 projects

The Mindset Period aims to define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the value proposition of each project. Implementing the Scrum Methodology, the teams work in 2-week periods called a “sprint”. At the end of each sprint, the Demo Day takes place: this allows the teams to assess their progress and to define their next objectives to reach. During the sprints, every startup meets the Almacube staff to discuss the business development of their project. Teams are also assisted and supported by one or more mentors.


From January to May

4-6 startups

The selected startups enter the last phase of the program: they register as companies and participate in the Innovation Day, an event powered by Almacube, where €25.000 is distributed as funding to the most interesting projects. These resources are invested in the startups to reach the proof of concept and other metrics, that are required by the most prestigious Italian and international acceleration programs, partners of Almacube.

Financial Support

Innovation Day

@Career Day 2019 - March

Investor Day

@Startup Day 2019 - May

Innovation Day is initiated to promote the collaboration between AlmaCube and existing enterprises, and it focusses specifically on Open Innovation. Throughout the day, the best startups of the program, are  selected for the Proof of Concept Period, and they present their project in a 5-min pitch. They are assessed by the audience with the opportunity of winning up to €8.000, funded by Almacube.

It represents the conclusion of the Almacube Incubation Program, as it allows the best startups of the program to meet Investors. It takes place every year during the StartUp Day of the University of Bologna, the biggest Italian event for young entrepreneurship.

“When everything seems lost, I watch the stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without any sign of break. Yet, at the hundred and first hit, the stone splits in two, and I know it was not that last blow that caused it, but all the previous ones"  

   - J. Riis -

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