The report

Over the last few months, the “Re-start: restarting together” project has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to talk about the problems of their company and the new development ideas born during the lockdown.

Today Confindustria Emilia Area Centro together with Almacube, the innovative hub of the University of Bologna, are ready to propose the most suitable opportunities to support local companies in the restart phase.

You can find out the analysis of the testimonials and opportunities for restarting in the report below.

The project

Re-start is a project of Confindustria Emilia Centro which, in collaboration with Almacube, the innovative hub and incubator of the University of Bologna and Confindustria Emilia, aims to give a voice to local entrepreneurs. The health emergency will have a very strong impact on the business world and the whole country is called to make enormous efforts to face this crisis. While most activities focus on urgent and short-term needs, Re-start looks further ahead.


To restart the economic fabric, it is also essential to think about the medium-long term: for this reason, we would like to understand how your company is facing the crisis, what are the major difficulties you are encountering and if you see some glimmer of light on the horizon.

In fact, identifying and defining problems is the best way to solve them. The analysis of the answers collected will be the starting point to create synergies and collaborations between realities that have ideas for restarting with those that have the skills to develop them.


The questionnaire will be anonymous. If you want to deepen the project or want to tell us your story in more detail, you can write to

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