University spin-off

We work to transform a research project into a product, and to find professors, researchers and graduate students who want to develop their entrepreneurial attitude. We facilitate the contact between projects and market and we foster their collaboration with established enterprises. With the support of the Spin-Off Commission and the Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Bologna, Almacube detects the best tech projects of the University and transforms them into companies. Moreover, the incubated spin-offs are provided with an easy access to the facilities and the laboratories of the University of Bologna, as well as to the knowhow of Alma Mater Community.

What we offer

Offices: Almacube offers more than 15 offices to startups and spinoffs, available for variable periods and accompanied with every service;

Fostering the Growth: a tailor made business development process designed for every company, that is exposed to the most interesting realities from the network of Almacube and Confindustria Emilia Area Centro; 

Business Pills: Almacube teaches the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and management in several informative meetings;

Managerial Support: professionals work alongside the incubated companies, advising them on the different areas of business. 


Success stories


MiaMed develops an innovative proteic therapy to fight CDKL5 syndrome, a rare degenerative disease that affects the first years of life. The spin-off, founded in 2014 and supported by Almacube, was acquired by the biotechnology multinational Amicus Therapeutic. 


The total cost of the acquisition amounted to $6.5 million.

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MindIT is a spin-off of the University of Bologna, founded in 2017. The company operates in the field of machine learning and techniques optimization to support industrial entities.


The sale of its shares generated a return 15 times higher than the invested capital.

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