Connect, create, make, interact, shape, reflect, participate and innovate.​

Bring your creative energies and interest to improve the context, quality and the prospect of life.


Find out what it means to work on an innovation project together with students from different background, from the Universities of Emilia Romagna and from many countries around the globe, in an international context and with the collaboration of organizations such as CERN in Geneva , Stanford University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Trinity College Dublin, Universidade de São Paulo and players such as IMA, Barilla, Legacoop Bologna, YNAP and many others.


Interested in collaborations with research centers to explore the potential of science and technology?

CBI - Challenge Based Innovation is a 4-6 months international programme based at CERN, one of the world’s leading research centres in particle physics, for the purpose of making disruptive innovation for societal impact. In CBI companies and young talents develop projects that solve complex problems, inspired by technological ideas that come from instrumentation development or basic research at CERN.


Interested in working with universities from all over the world, to innovate in a global scenario?


SUGAR is a global network that brings together students, universities and companies for the future of innovation through a new learning experience. SUGAR involves today
28 universities to form intercultural and multidisciplinary teams of students that will explore unexpected directions, providing not only a final solution but also a wide range of promising prototypes, concepts and documentation.

What they say about us

“When entering a company, it is usually the young that has to listen his/hers more experienced colleagues. With the embedded method, it happens the opposite: for the company it represents a powerful learning opportunity.

Cristina Gallina, R&D Barilla