What we are going through is a "different" time, difficult and unexpected.
We are working (remotely, but more coordinated than ever) every day to make it exceptional, to make a difference and look to the future, beyond the emergency. Because this will end.

In this emergency, Technology, Research and Innovation are supporting our country: from the networks that help us stay in touch, to the health technologies that are saving lives in our hospitals.

Without it, there is no future! For this reason we support the petition, launched by VC Hub and thousands of startups from all over Italy, that urges the Government to take support actions for startups and innovative SMEs. Research and innovation have never been such fundamental for Italy!


Italia Startup, with the support of other associations, launches five proposals to the Government and Parliament for facing the crisis and building an industrial plan for the rebirth of italian innovation.


Here you are some of the many calls addressed to startup and innovation world to deal with the emergency:

  • Horizon 2020, “European Data Incubator: call for hi-tech startups a Horizon 2020 project, which aims to support startups and new companies specializing in Big Data technologies, deadline June 17;

  • Atena Startup Battle - The first Italian edition of the challenge between startups before a jury of experts and an audience of investors, deadline September 1st.

  • EIT Manufacturing is calling for projects and innovative solutions for COVID emergency in the manufacture field, deadline on 25/02/2020.

We should all take advantage of this period of remote working/studying to find time for our personal training and to take out of the drawer the ideas on which we are used to prevaricate.

New to the startup world?

Don't worry, we've all been there. The Startup Guide is all you need to get started.

New to the startup world?

Read the special StartUp Day newsletter with digital training material made available by some of the partners and supporters of the event.

"The best fuel to fuel progress worldwide is our supply of knowledge, and the brake is our lack of imagination​"

-J. L. Simon -

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